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I created a discussion on BlogCatalog for the past week and polled on a couple of friends asking people to name the fake people you want in your life for real — here, your (sometimes very weird) answers. 

By far the most popular response…

JIM HALPERT (John Krasinski)

The Office

We would have so much fun pulling pranks on Dwight and Andy and we’d go to baseball games and he’d never leave me at a fountain in NYC. Of course, I’d have to pull an Eternal Sunshine on him to erase all memories of that Pam person, but I know people, and that can be arranged. — Red

I’m sure everybody thinks to themselves, ”Oh my god, I am SO Jim/Pam! I’m so cynical, and everybody else at school/work are just a bunch of Kellys/Phyllises/Stanleys!” But, like, for me, it’s REALLY true. So I’m sure Jim would fall madly in love with me. — Emily R

LOGAN ECHOLLS (Jason Dohring) and VERONICA MARS (Kristen Bell)

Veronica Mars

He’s fiercely loyal, witty as hell, and pretty much awesome in every way. To quote Veronica, he’s ”ownage.” Sure, he used to arrange bum fights and screw his friend’s stepmother, but when you think about it…he’s had the most f’d up life ever (girlfriend brutally murdered, dad arrested for sleeping with/killing said girlfriend, mom commits suicide, etc.) yet he still manages to love with his whole heart. — Melissa

Some folks have mentioned the boys from Veronica Mars, but no man has stepped up to the plate to take V herself. I heartily volunteer. She’s smart, hilarious, and a sassy lady. What’s more to ask for, oh wait she’s a bombshell. Annoy me, tiny blonde, annoy me anytime! — Seth



He’s ridiculously attractive, I like ridiculously attractive guys…He likes to save people, I frequently need saving…He’s usually pretty stubbly, I like stubble…it’s clearly a match made in heaven. — Cara

This is a good question as there are a lot of TV characters I have a ”crush” on…I wouldn’t actually date them (i.e. Logan Echolls). I love the idea of them…not actually them. Jack Shephard, on the other hand…We share the same sense of morality, which I think is the most important thing in a relationship. Also, there is nothing sexier than someone who does the right thing simply because it’s right. Goodness & morality are the ultimate turn-on. — Kris


Eric Taylor. He’s not perfect and he doesn’t claim to be, but he’s a decent man who loves his family, is a loyal friend, and cares very much about doing the right thing. He’s funny and smart and loves what he does and there is just no man who has ever cooed at a baby sexier!…Sadly I can’t even begin to compete with Tami Taylor’s awesome hair [but] I’d be more than willing to help him get that bratty teenage daughter of his under control. — Melissa

I’d have to go with Tim Riggins…He’s not averse to dating older women, and do I really need to say it? People, he’s HOT. — Alison

I usually dig the older bad boys, like House and Sawyer, but I think Smash Williams is the guy for me right now. With all that self-righteous, brash, reckless charisma behind that handsome face, Smash got it going on. — K

I have SUCH a soft spot for Landry…I’m a geek, he’s a geek…. — Kari

My heart belongs to the ENTIRE cast of Friday Night Lights. I’d marry them all in a big polygamous to-do. I’ll even take Buddy, just for kicks. Now, the fight for 1st wife though comes down to Coach and QB 1…. — Anonymous

BREE VAN DE KAMP (Marcia Cross)

Desperate Housewives

I sorta dig that neurotic obsessive compulsive thing she’s got going on. As long as I use a coaster, I’ve got it easy…. — Darma Boy



I’ve been told I’m crazy for wanting to be with him (by almost everyone I know), but I don’t care. Sure, he’s a Vicodin-popping, fortysomething, sarcastic doctor with a limp, but who cares? He’s smart, speaks his mind, and is very witty. As I love to argue, this works out perfectly. We could go back & forth for hours on a number of topics, from religion to celebrities. Plus, he plays the piano and a mean guitar. So hot!! — Frances

PAM BEESLY (Jenna Fischer) and KAREN FILIPPELLI (Rashida Jones)

The Office

From the male perspective, Pam Beesly. She is very cute, without being high-maintenance, growing in her confidence and is artsy. We share a similar light, yet sarcastic sense of humor. — James

Wow, so it’s mostly female posters lusting after all the terrific male characters out there…I’ll mix things up a bit and put in my vote for Karen Filippelli of The Office. She’s smart, funny and enjoys practical jokes, but works hard when she has to (like me). Not to mention she’s unbelievably beautiful (some might say ”exotic looking”). She’s a risk taker and willing to make big changes in her life for someone she cares for (I like to think I’m the same way). Hey, if Jim doesn’t want her…. — Ceballos

HIRO NAKAMURA (Masi Oka), SYLAR (Zachary Quinto) and CLAIRE BENNET (Hayden Panettiere)


Hiro Nakamura!! We share many interests — I would go comic shopping with him, I wouldn’t gripe if Ando hung out all the time, I’d ask him to teach me some samurai moves, and I’d take care of him after a time-hopping jaunt to save the world. Oh yeah — and I’d make him waffles. — Kathleen

I have a HUGE crush on [Sylar]. I have no superpowers he’d want to steal, so I’m safe. I’d be understanding and love him for the slightly creepy, super-smart weirdo that he is. I would make him happy, but it wouldn’t be enough. He’d break, kill someone; I’d cry, then leave him. He’d apologize and ask for forgiveness. I would go make out with Nathan Petrelli (ignoring the last episode) and then take him back. It’d be a huge messy deal but the make-up sex would be awesome. — Susie S.

Claire Bennet. A little young, I know, but it’s been a goal of mine to date a cheerleader. I’d threaten to expose her to the entire school if she didn’t go out with me (teens hate that)! — Rob Grizzly

MICHAEL SCOFIELD (Wentworth Miller)

Prison Break

I know he’s on the run from the law and a shadowy evil corporation that murdered his last girlfriend, and that he is seriously on the rebound after losing said girlfriend, but look at the guy — he is incredibly hot, sexy, vulnerable, smart…how can I not go for that? Besides, he hasn’t been intimate with a female for months so I know that whatever time we spend together on a secluded Central American beach would be…uh…memorable to say the least. So hands off, girls, this fugitive is mine! — anne