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Thieves by Tuesday_ellachi

free music downloads of Ella Chi’s songs here…

Ella Chi makes a good step-up with her song, “Off Your Throne”,  debuting as a demo in the airwaves.

Here’s a rough demo from a UK singer named Ella Chi that ended up in my inbox that I’ve been enjoying enough to want to pass on to you. It’s got a 60’s soul ballad feel to it that will probably make you picture Ella in a slinky black number with a horn section in back of her on one side and a trio of back-up singers swaying side to side on the other.

She’s recently signed to Blue Chip Records so if you enjoy the track, keep your eyes open for a full length release from her in the near future. Check out the track and enjoy your weekend. Inspired by artists like Basement Jaxx, Amy Winehouse and Erykah Bahdu, Ella Chi lends an upbeat and fresh take to challenge on mainstream hits. It’s soulful, yet playful and fun. Her voice sounds a bit familiar as it may have sounded like one of your favorite upcoming artists.. Here’s an demo version of “Off Your Thrown” that I got from ArjanWrites.com. Obviously, this is an unfinished track that needs some more work, but the basics are there: a strong voice and spunky attitude.

Visit her label Blue Chip Records and become her friend on MySpace.