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Thieves By Tuesday*

Hot or Not?
I’m all for the latter, honey. And what is up with the blood lickin’?

A lot of my friends keep on referring to her as the “bitch from the Jawbreaker movie”. I abhorred her after seeing it and it was undid after I saw an epi of Charmed, McGowan playing a witch. After seeing this, I’m hoping she would just return casting spells. But Planet Terror was hilarious,..

We should have more details on the project soon from JoBlo’s humanoids on-site at Comic Con, but for now here’s a glimpse at Rose McGowan as fire-haired warrior babe RED SONJA.

The movie is produced (but not directed) by Robert Rodriguez, and brings CONAN creator Robert E. Howard’s mythical vengeance-driven, sword-swinging, chain mail-bikini clad female fighter to life. The busty character, once made famous in the pages of Marvel Comics, has seen a healthy resurgence in recent years thanks to a top-selling comic series from Dynamite.

Thieves by Tuesday*

Looks a little Heavenly Sword-ish, but it looks kinda sexy.
But, I’m preferring this older version of Red Sonja (see below).<

Agree? Sometimes, less Photoshop can actually do good for promotion.

Poster Image Courtesy of MTV Movies Blog