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Spoilers have emerged from the first Hamptons-based episode of The CW’s delicious teen soap “Gossip Girl” which kicks off its sophomore year on September 1.

The episode featuring a shirtless shot of Chace Crawford’s character Nate Archibald in his underwear will be filled with steamy, but secretive summer sex. Hahaha. Can you say YUM?

Nate turns into a boy toy as he begins a secret affair with a married older woman named Catherine Mason. But as the couple get together for yet another hot appointment of afternoon sex, Catherine panics at the sound of her huisband’s car pulling into driveway.
Meanwhile, Dan Humphrey(Penn Badgley) gets a little make-out action of his own as he seduces a beautiful girl at the library where he assists Sebastian Harris, a man described by the writers as a “literary lion.” But the apprenticeship comes to an abrupt end, when Dan lets Sebastian down.Okay... Moving on now...
Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Dan Humphrey’s (Penn Badgely) relationship is ruined and both go to the Hamptons single. Nate goes to the Hamptons, knowing that his love, Serena, is there singleOMG!!
Lily and Bart goes to the Hamptons and gets a surprise as they aslo find–who else–but Rufus, there. Lily ends up sleeping with Rufus but this time, Bart Bass finds out.
Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) goes official with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) but keeps this secret from Gossip Girl. Although the two are together, some habits are hard to break and Chuck continues to push Blair’s buttons–canceling a trip to Tuscany, frolicking with topless tanned ladies on the beach. The whole nine yards we expect from Mr. Bass. Wonder how their relationship would turn out.
Dan, still in love with Serena, but finds out on Gossip Girl her summer fling. Dan tells Vanessa leaving her heat broken.

Lily wants to fix her marriage but too late, as Bart pushes the divorce.

Serena and Nate are officially a couple. Jenny still has a crush on Nate but has no idea about Nate and Serena’s relationship.

And they are shooting for 24 episodes so Gossip Girl fans can sate their thirst for this scandalous show.
The folks at The CW have just unleashed a whole slew of short new promo vids to tease for the upcoming second season of Gossip Girl … here is the promo vid titled Mother Chucker:
Click here to get to the promotional photos/posters of the movie for the upcoming season. Steamy is an understatement! I’d agree with New York Post it’s a nasty piece of work!