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Is it possible to not be a reader of this graphic novel and STILL BE OBSESSED with Watchmen?

I am loving every bit of this trailer. I understand all the hype surrounding this graphic novel by Alan Moore. I have just learned of this RECENTLY after I encountered a blog post in Oh No They Didn’t! on Empire Magazine’s coverage of the movie. I have to admit the photos were nice. The moment I saw the trailer, I was going on like, “What the hell? How long have I been living under a boulder to not have realized this bad ass book existed?” Yeah, I now you must be pitying me right now. I know, I know, I’m looking up at Amazon and am purchasing Watchmen, like right now. You can get it there can you?
Anyway, who are the people playing the characters? The characters I now of is just Dr. Manhattan and Ozzymandias, based from the fan’s comments. Can you enlighten me on this aspect of Watchmen? Thanks!