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The Dark Knight is a bleak and jittery bad dream of a summer blockbuster  but the movie has nothing on real life.

Morgan Freeman’s car accident, which left the Oscar-winning actor with serious injuries, was only the latest stroke of bad luck to make audiences wonder if there was a curse of The Dark Knight similar to the tragic aura surrounding the films Poltergeist and Rosemary’s Baby

Talk of a curse started with the deaths of Heath Ledger and Conway Wickliffe, a special effects technician who was killed while performing a stunt on set in London. The film is dedicated to both. The arrest of Christian Bale a few days after the film’s opening – and Freeman’s accident on a Mississippi highway – only added to the conjecture.

Freeman was reported to be in good spirits Monday. A business partner told Entertainment Tonight he needed surgery for a fractured left elbow. Bale, who was arrested in relation to accusations of assault from his mother and sister, hasn’t been charged.

Batman often says in the comics that criminals are a “superstitious, cowardly lot,” and the latest misfortunes have given the superstitious a lot to think about. What do you think of the dark chain of events surrounding this summer’s biggest blockbuster? Is it a curse or terrible coincidence?

Creepy right?

But I guess it takes one more for me to believe. Cough Maggie Gyllenhall, Cough Cough.
Kidding. But not really. **