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Earlier this week Gossip Girl‘s new ad campaign was revealed, just begging to be reworked by the infamous subway ad artist (or anyone with scissors and a distaste for teen dramedies). It didn’t take long, as a reader sent us the above photo, from the 23rd Street C and E station, taken this morning.

God bless the defacers of public advertising.

Maybe if there were kiosks/lamposts where people were legally allowed to post things without getting a massive fine there would be less ad-defacement, graffiti, etc…

This show is my *secret guilty pleasure and I take stride in it. Although I do admit of not liking this poster of the incoming series. It’s just too…ugly.
But kudos to those who make vandalism! I saw this other one one the net of a Heroes Vandal. Grand Street L-train platform, tonight.  This took effort.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch a show about prostitutes with super powers who save the world.