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Team Bella or Team Hermione? Whose Side Are You On?
Bella is magnetic. Hermione is awkward. But fans of both the Twilight and Harry Potter series pick Hermione over Bella any day. Why?
“Some girls want to see themselves as Bella,” said Megan Schuyler, who’s been capturing the wizard rock scene in her documentary film “The Wizard Rockumentary.” “If you’re feeling clumsy and different, it’s fun to imagine that some dreamy perfect guy would be obsessed with you.” – MTV Movies Blog

Along with the controversial reviews on the last book of the Twilight saga, this article was another topic for argument between the fans of both Harry Potter and Twilight… (Continue reading)

Yesterday, Jennifer Vineyard of MTV Movie Blog published the article
revealing a few insights of the Harry Potter fans about Twilight‘s female lead character, Bella, played by Kristen Stewart.

“She’s wimpy!” Megan Schuyler said, who’s been capturing the wizard rock scene in her documentary film “The Wizard Rockumentary”. “When I went to the book release party, I wore a shirt that says, ‘Bella Sucks.’”

“I think Bella is a bit underdeveloped as a character,” said Amy Snow, of the wizard rock band Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons. “Hermione was first and foremost a person, and she’s realistic. It’s a pity Bella doesn’t have a secret inner strength. She’s more of just a pure maiden.”

The reason writer’s create fictional worlds is not to create role models, not to appease every besotted teen, but simply because they enjoy the craft of writing. It’s a novel, not a guide to the world. That being said, applying a character from an entirely different novel series, a character I might add that has the ability to utilize magic and a wand to achieve greatness, in comparison to a truly vivid/realistic human without powers is a tad unfair, don’t you think?