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Estelle has been on the receiving end of great reviews and acclaim since releasing her second album ‘Shine’ this year, but now the singer has revealed which other artists get her attention.

The British R&B star has now compiled her top 15 tracks and also spoken a little about each song.

1 – Stevie Wonder – Seems So Long.
“A good friend of mine put me on to this song…its one of the realest lyrics ever written”

More of her favorite songs under the cut!

2 – Carl Anderson – Buttercup
“A song I related to very strongly at one time on my life.”

3 – The Kinks – She Got Everything
“Gorgeous musical arrangements and so fresh even today.”

4 – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
“Listen to it loudly on a Sunday afternoon – trust me – one word – amazing.”

5 – John Legend – Again.
“Haunting beautifully crafted piece of music.”

6 – Feist – Gatekeeper
“She’s a dope songwriter and has a sweet voice…almost makes me cry.”

7 – Terri Walker – The One That Got Away
“One of my sisters is in the industry – I love this song for the way she sung it… beautiful lyrics also.”

8 – Kanye West – Never Let Me Down
“This was my personal theme tune the year it came out! I don’t think I’ll ever hear Jay Z rap this hard again. Kanye gave him something to bet on…”

9 – Amy Winehouse – Fuck Me Pumps
“Said what we’ve all been dying to say…from a very slept on first album!”

10 – Jay-Z – Feelin It ft Mecca

11 – The Killers – When You Were Young
“The lyrics are so true of what some women go through… and the rises and falls in the arrangements are nothing short of genius future classic…”

12 – Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel – I’ll Never Stop Loving You
“This is just fire…turn it up LOUD play it over and over…”

13 – Marvin Gaye – All The Way Around
“I never quite got why Marvin was so special till my best friend Ahmed put me on to this song. His delivery…even though he’s singing about a woman who can’t be controlled – in a negative way, the way he sung it, you kinda wanna be the woman he’s talking about…soooo sexy!”

14 – Elkie Brooks – If You Leave Me Now
“Gorgeous…simple love song..definitely stands the test of time.”

15 – Ella Fitzgerald – Lady is a Tramp
“Audrey Pepa!! Need I say more!”

In other news, September 15th will see the release of next single ‘Pretty Please (Love Me)‘ featuring Cee-Lo – you can watch the video here or play it seperately and download.


Download Estelle’s Pretty Please (Love Me) feat. Cee-Lo

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