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Great guitar riffs with great timing and awesome synergy of the sound“–one of the comments I got after letting a few friends hear So3‘s single MIA. And I can’t help but give the stamp of approval.

On the contrary, So3 wasn’t missing in action with their MIA single. The song entrance was reminiscent of The Foo Fighter’s Everlong and a bit of Interpol’s Heimlich Maneuver but their big-tent guitar rhythms was entirely their own.

The lyrics despite their simplicity was a good formula for a radio-hit. Mike Artamonov (vocals and guitar) was smooth in the vocals but it didn’t taint the headbanger-rock quality provided by the So3’s Serge Belongie. The duo detonates a Stooges-style boogie-punk bomb that could get any hooligan’s fist pumping.

S03 toured to coast-to-coast–San Diego to NYC–spreading the MIA hit to an even wider audience. Listen to this ear-candy and download. For more of S03, go here.

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