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“Consider it a suggestion.” —> Eh. When will you get your bitch on Serena? When?

Tonight was the first night I actually LIKED Nate and thought he had a personality. Chace’s face when he said, “I want to be with you” to Vanessa basically made me “awww” aloud.

Bleargh I hate dan. So much.

He’s supposed to be the ~good guy~ compared to everybody else, but he is so judgmental. He was in love with Serena before he even talked to her then got mad when she didn’t live up to his expectations. He gets mad at her because she’s rich. He gets mad at her because she has a bitchy friend. He gets mad at her because she wasn’t ~honest~ about an old friend blackmailing her with a video. He gets mad at her for kissing Nate two months after he dumped her. He is such a pretentious PRICK! Even my mom agrees.

I could go on.

And also, I want the bitch in book Serena… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. TV Serena is one of the lamest characters in the show. Ugh…