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Though the news of Lupe Fiasco’s planned farewell after his next album, then he better bring us nothing but the goods until that sad day comes. Other than his collaboration with Kanye West on “Birds and Bees”, this new track was also a sweet addition to his glistening repertoire.

All aboard his second trip in the Paris Tokyo ship are guests Q Tip and Pharrell (who surprised me with his singing), made thinly placed raps that although they were quite awkward, were capably done by no less than the rap expert. Sarah Green lends fun to the mix, who is Fiasco’s female follower and plays the game well with her quick-lipped soul beat. Check out the article for more of the video.


“Paris Tokyo” {Zshare} {YSH}

“Paris Tokyo (Remix)” {Zshare} {YFH}