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Here’s my list of recent awesoooooooooome groups and bands that have been on constant replays in my player. Digg it? Then comment.

This Norwegian Group who has a flair in wearing vinyl-like tracksuits has been in every disco junkie’s playlists for quite some time already.

Datarock – Fa Fa Fa
Datarock -I Used to Dance With My Daddy

Apache Beat

This New York (where else?) collective take their name from Kraftwerk’s drummer’s phrase for the krautrock motorik rhythm. Their beats owe as much to Africa as Germany, while post-punk guitars and new wave synths make them everyones right hand and the endorsements from Klaxons cement their prospects of a very rosy future.

Apache Beat – Your Powers Are Magic
Apache Beat – Tropics
Apache Beat – Tropics {CFCF Remix}

Passion Pit

“And everything is going to the beat.”

If you dropeed by TBT as often as you ought to do, I’ve been talking about this group everytime I get the chance to. Starting life as just songwriter Michael Angelakos, Boston band Passion Pit pretty quickly have been winning the hearts, minds and feets of audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Their key track ‘Sleepyhead’ mixes Jack Kerouak samples, squeals, falsetto choruses and dreamy synths and is indicative of their electronic appropriation of multiple sounds to make a brilliant effect.

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
Passion Pit – Better Things


Micachu is somewhat of Renaissance artist. Micachu is the moniker of major new talent, 21 year old songwriter and producer Mica Levi. She writes electronic pop songs, sometimes delivered acoustically.

Micachu – Curly Teeth
Micachu – Golden Phone

Boy Crisis

Although drawn to the Brooklyn breeding ground for bands, Boy Crisis actually hails from Wesleyan University – whose alumni include cosmic crusaders MGMT and Amazing Baby. However, this 5-member group have chosen the sleazy electro path, and worked out a way to make desperate future/sex sounds danceable and enduring.

Boy Crisis – Dress to Disgress
Boy Crisis – Strawberries

Amazing Baby

Brooklynite psych pop collective Amazing Baby are an impossibly good looking bunch of neo-hippies. They’re currently label-less, but they’ve already conjured a whole sack of huge and skewed dreamscapes-ish songs, and with the likes of ‘Head Dress’ and ‘Supreme Being’ they’ve got enoughcredentials to float to MGMT-esque adoration.

Amazing Baby – Head Dress
Amazing Baby – Pump Your Brakes

Updates will follow… Au revoir!