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Boston Legal (which is its last season anyway) and ‘Til Death are the scripted shows most likely to be cancelled in the new 2008-9 broadcast television season. In fact, Fox’s Do Not Disturb was the most likely to be cancelled, but Fox beat everyone to it and already cancelled the show! The other scripted shows in significant danger of being cancelled are The New Adventures of Old Christine, Lipstick Jungle, Knight Rider, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Gary Unmarried, and My Name is Earl

How did TV By the Numbers come up with the list? They found that last season, the future of a show was nearly directly related to its adults 18-49 average viewers divided by its networks 18-49 average viewers. Many other factors may matter, but they all seemed to boil down to that one number. Last season, if a show had better than 92% of its network’s average 18-49 viewership it was pretty safe, below that level it was in danger. I’m very confident that their list will still indicate the shows most likely to be cancelled compared to those less likely to be cancelled.

Here is their list (the top is most likely to be cancelled and the bottom is least likely)

1. Do Not Disturb
2. Boston Legal
3. Til Death
4. Old Christine — I just saw this show and I can’t believe its about to be canceelled. Old Chrisitine is supremely underappreciated.
5. Lipstick Jungle
6. Knight Rider
7. Terminator
8. Gary Unmarried
9. My Name Is Earl — I loved this show.
10. Privileged
11. Prison Break
12. The Unit
13. Cold Case
14. Ugly Betty
15. Without a Trace
16. Without a Trace
17. E.R (last season anyway)
18. Bones
19. American Dad
20. King of the Hill
21. Law & Order: SVU
22. The Mentalist
23. The Big Bang Theory
24. NCIS
25. Supernatural
26. Brothers & Sisters
27. Worst Week
28. CSI: NY
29. One Tree Hill
30. How I met Your Mother — Oh, God, please no.
31. Fringe
32. Gossip Girl
33. Smallville
34. The Office — I’ll miss
35. Family Guy
36. The Simpsons
37. Heroes
38. Criminal Minds
39. 90210 (already renewed)
40. CSI: Miami
41. Two and a Half Men
42. House
43. Desperate Housewives
44. Grey’s Anatomy

and the unscripted shows:

1. Crimetime Saturday CBS (idk what this is)
2. America’s Toughest Jobs
3. Sat. Football Pregame
4. 20/20 Friday
5. Opportunity Knocks
6. Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader
7. Cops
8. Don’t Forget the Lyrics
9. 48 Hours Mystery
10. America’s Most Wanted

25. The OT (wtf is this? it’s on fox)
26. America’s Next Top Model
27. Sunday Night Football Pre-Kick
28. CBS Post-Game
29. NBC Sunday Football

Thanks to: Shane Botwin!