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The Walkmen – You and Me (2008)

You & Me, what I think is their 4th album, is a solid and complex collection of really inspired songwriting. Only recently have I heard of this band, and I find that it takes a good 4 – 5 listens of the album to really get into it. I listen only to a few of the tracks of their previous albums for comparison, and I think in You and Me, the band is in their most bare, melancholy, and oddly laid-back sounding.

It’s romantic and utterly celebratory. You & Me wouldn’t be categorized as vintage or old, but would certainly evoke feelings of nostalgia and wishful thinking to any listener.

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Track listing:

01 “Donde Esta La Playa”
02 “Flamingos (For Colbert)”
03 “On The Water”
04 “In The New Year”
05 “Seven Years Of Holidays (For Stretch)”
06 “Postcards From Tiny Islands”
07 “Red Moon”
08 “Canadian Girl”
09 “Four Provinces”
10 “Long Time Ahead Of Us”
11 “The Blue Route”
12 “New Country”
13 “I Lost You”
14 “If Only It Were True”

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