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Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Shauna Burns burst onto the music scene in 2005 with her debut album Every Thought and earned rave reviews and acclamation.

Musical Discoveries declares “There is no doubt that Every Thought contains a dynamic energy in its complex blend of sounds and striking lyrics.

While Smother.net quotes Every Thought, as “a new fangled fusion that will ignite a spark that will be hard to replicate. Perfect.

Who am I to go against them? Her voice is pristine and her piano accompaniment renders beauty to her music. Shauna has a unique style of singing, and combined with her virtuoso piano instrumentals, she has put together an album that is moving and intense. Here are two tracks from Shauna Burns that’s sure to get that fire going in through you (pun intended).

Check out the tracks INSIDE THIS POST.

Shauna BurnsBloom
Shauna BurnsAnd Fire