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Have you ever had event when you have a really sullen feeling, a dampened shit of a day and then, by just a tune you heard from somewhere in the street, you feel like nothing can put a frown on your face? That’s how I felt with Lovers Electric and electro/techno/pop band from Adelaide, Australia is made up of members David Turley and Eden Boucher. and although I didn’t really hear the song somewhere in the street, it was a feel-good tune that will keep you humming for a while, or even longer.

Good to know!

MTV used a number of their songs, including “Closer” in the hit TV series The Hills.

Below are .gifs from their Myspace, adorable, aren’t they?

So guys, what did we learn here in TBT* everytime we hear the word Australian?
I know you have an answer to that.