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Hey there, I know my posts haven’t been much indulgent lately (are they?). Anyways, if you haven’t heard, Bloc Party’s will physically release their album, Intimacy, and to quench your thirst I have a few bonus tracks which started to pop up around the internet last week.

Billboard got in on the news. here’s what they said:

Bloc Party is expanding its third album, “Intimacy,” for CD release on Oct. 28 via Atlantic. Fans who pre-ordered the album through the band in August received an immediate download of the set, but without the songs “Letter To My Son,” “Your Visits Are Getting Shorter,” “Talons” and “Flux.”

Those four tracks, plus acoustic versions of “Talons” and “Signs,” will also be available in the wider digital release next week. “Some of the tracks weren’t even finished when we put it on the Internet,” drummer Matt Tong tells Billboard.com. “And you have to sweeten the deal out there for the traditionalists.”

Although nothing is confirmed, Bloc Party has tentative plans to return to North America in December for some radio station-sponsored festivals.

Here is the final track list for “Intimacy”:

(1)“Ares” (2)“Mercury” (3)“Halo” (4)“Biko” (5)“Trojan Horse” (6)“Signs” (7)“One Month Off” (8)“Zephyrus” (9)“Talons” (10)“Better Than Heaven” (11)“Ion Square” (12)“Letter To My Son” (13)“Your Visits Are Getting Shorter” (14)“Flux”

Here are the download links, they’re Zshare so click on to listen. I actually got really good tracks, you’ll love them, I promise.

Download | Bloc Party – Letter To My Son (m4a)

Download | Bloc Party – Your Visits are Getting Shorter (m4a)

Download | Bloc Party – Ares (Pin Me Down Remix)

Download | Of Yesteryears feat. Karin Haase – Flux (Bloc Party Cover)