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Chills the blood and froze the mind
You see it around you but never realize you do
Taking a hand comforts you not if it´s real

Or will you pee your pants’ in the mildest images I show?
Come on now… Are you afraid of a branch clawing your window?
Will you be frightened of a boo in the dark?

Let me laugh while you shake in fear
Now let´s go, to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
He´ll show you what i mean…

Happy Halloween!

This will be the first 7 of this month’s Hardcore Mixtape.

(Ain’t my little Frankenstein adorable?)

Anyways, I’m thinking of giving you guys more or less 50 tracks for this November here in Hardcore Mixtape, so stay tuned!

+ 40 More So Stay Tuned…!

Thanks are appreciated y’all. Give me 2 cents of your mind and drop your comments!

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