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Buffet Libre likes to take things to the next level and this time, it’s a special one.
Here are Rewind 2 remixes that you can download… here!

Here is ,  a standout track from our remix project Proyecto Batidora. Hope you like it!

Download | Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Dawn Of The Dead (Station X remix)

First, Canadians & Cherielynn Westrich (ex The Rentals) covering “Neverending Story” (original by Giorgio Moroder)

Download | Canadians feat Cherielynn Westrich – Neverending Story

This is Justin Faust remixing “Hey You” (original by Rock Steady Crew):

Download | Rock Steady Crew – Hey You (Justin Faust remix)

Lastly, Sanish producer CatComplex remixing “Juliet” (original by Robin Gibb):

Download | Robin Gibb – Juliet (CatComplex remix)

As always, drop your thoughts, girls and boys!