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“Don’t EVER call me that again! You have NO idea what an insult that is!”

Hayden Panettiere worked herself into a angry frenzy after a pair of overzealous fans mistook her for actress Lindsay Lohan as she exited a boutique on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood last week. (Go inside for the full story)

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Here’s how the odd encounter went down:

Hayden Panettiere glowed and grinned like a jack-o’-lantern when girlie fans rushed her and gushed: “Oh, we LOVE you! Omigod, you’re so PRETTY in person!”

But Hayden’s inner Halloween candle guttered when one goblin spluttered: “Oh, Lindsay…will you appear on ‘Ugly Betty’ again?”…

Well let’s just say that remark didn’t go over very well with Hayden.

The pint-sized Heroes actress stood horrified as she grimaced and shouted at the girls: “Don’t EVER call me that again!…You have NO idea what an insult that is!”

As the furious actress stormed off, one of the female fans nudged the other and hissed: “I TOLD you that wasn’t her!”

Friendship Dissolved.