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Here are 4 newly leaked tracks by Kanye West – “Street Lights ” (or “See You In My Nightmares”, as some people call it), “Tell Everybody That You Know ” featuring Lil Wayne, “Amazing ” featuring Young Jeezy and “Paranoid ” with Kid Cudi.

Street Lights “and “Anyway”/Paranoid is my (Read : Hands Down) favorite out of the four – he didn’t overload on the autotune as usual. The other two songs are great also, but the autotune gets annoying after a while. Even though the album is due out on November 24th, the whole album basically leaked on the internet, all we’re missing is two songs. Kanye’s probably fuming at this.

(Download the tracks inside )

*Reminder : I’ll have these songs taken down by the end of the week, though. So download like crazy!

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Download | Kanye West – Street Lights

Download | Kanye West feat. Lil’ Wayne – Tell Everybody That You Know

Download | Kanye West feat Young Jeezy – Amazing

Download | Kanye West – Paranoid/Anyway feat. Kid Cudi