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Here are bits of new info on Lily Allen ‘s upcoming album “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” Miss Lily Allen’s sophomore album is out and about, and it will be released February 9, 2009 (4 days after my bday. haha) , and you can take a peep and download at the track list below.

I’ts Not You, It’s Me” based on a few listens ahve a more elcotropop background in comparison to her hugely successfull debut album “Alright, Still.” As many of the leaked demos from the album suggest, the tracks have been touched by a SOMEONE who’s hot in the electropop industry,  The Bird and the Bee’s Greg Kurstin . Listen to the lyrics and get a gist of the sublime and slightly ridiculous lyrics only Lily Allen can do.

The Fear, is set to be released in January. The track is known to us previously as I Don’t Know when it was first posted on her MySpace back in the day.
With the track list below, check out the string of demos and leaked tracks from the album.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You” Tracklist:
(To download: Double Click Link)

Everyone’s At It
The Fear
It’s Not Fair
I Could Say
Go Back To the Start
Never Gonna Happen
F*ck You Very Much
Who’d’ve Known
He Wasn’t There