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They’re Indie. They’re Gypsy. They’re Folk Pop.
They’re Dark Dark Dark.

Similar Sounds: Regina Spektor, Coeur de Pirate, Frightened Rabbit

Popular Tracks:

. Ashes
. Junk Bones
. Dig The Grave
. New York Song
. Colors 

The Snow Magic (album) is highly entertaining for the most part. The first song, “Ashes” sets the tone of the album, with Invie directing the fate of her ashes after death:

“I know you want to scatter my ashes
I know you want to spread them far and wide
Don’t scatter my ashes
I want to run by the seaside.”

The next four are a bit grim and dreary. “Junk Bones” continues delightfully with this lively gothic theme, swinging casually into “New York Song” with its rippling accordion riffs, like something Tim Burton would enjoy:

“Last summer they said it was so, so hot
Two lovers did drown
Their dreams were sunk
While their bodies were lost
Their souls stayed around
They stayed underwater
Most go underground
And they said bein’ here is better than wishing we’d stayed”

A four-piece at its heart, Dark Dark Dark consists of an instrumental arsenal that is not typical of most indie-rock favorites. In addition to the rhythm section, the group maintains a heavy focus on cello, banjo, accordion, and piano.

And I warn you, The Snow Magic is not the most accessible or instantaneously gripping album out there, but with successive listens undoubtedly rewards listeners in a way that few debuts will this year. Drop by your local music store, or at Amazon to buy.

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