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I have varied reactions when it comes to Common’s music. At times I get aggravated (or is it too strong of a word?) in his performance at Kanye’s “Get ‘Em High”. His performance in Smokin’ Aces wasn’t at all beyond compelling. But since he doesn’t act for the majority of his time, I’ll make this pass. But I was extremely surprised with this track. When I heard that Lily Allen was going to be on Common’s new record, I was like whoa. Then when I heard the Kanye-produced track in all it’s glittery glory. Now who wouldn’t get nuts with this bit of info? Anyway, the anxiety subsided, and although this track may be a wee old, it is in my opinion, one of catchiest tracks from the new Common disc.  Both Allen and Kanye have a liking for unearthing cool samples and reviving them in interesting ways, so “Drivin’ Me Wild” was expected to be a mind-blowing clashing of the genres. Lily Allen here is apparently a guest vocals whore. I suppose I would be too, if I get to work with these equally talented heavyweights. 🙂