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With great picks from artists primed for a breakout in the 2009.

These indie Rockers from Montréal, Québec—Malajube–produce melodious Francophonic music. And as if that weren’t enough, this group has gained some street cred when Roger Wireless put up their song “Montreal -40° C” in a commercial, not to mention “Ton Plat Favori” was in a Zellers commercial. After a quiet 2007, the band is again making rumblings of releasing new material. Their new reconrd, out in February (early gift?) is entitled Labyrinth, which is fitting for their unabashed morphing material. Their lead track “Ursuline” lasts at about seven minutes. Entry introduces the listener to a soft ballet waltz then later blended with exciting drum basts and bittersweet notes. You wouldn’t wonder why (unintentionally) other people categorize them in the “Progressive Emo Jam Band” genre. Not that I agree, of course.

La Monogamie

Dubbed by magazines like Spin and EW as Best New Artist…2009(?)  (yes, question mark included), ZBB is well off to a bright 2009. This is a real backyard mutt of a band, somehow fusing reggae, metal, and jam vibes into a cohesive package, fronted by Zac Brown and his well-picked acoustic guitar. Given the speed at which “Chicken Fried” hit No. 1 on the country charts, I’d say this band’s future is its own to make. What do you think? Do they have a shot at those 2009 Best New Artist awards? Check out the “Chicken Fried” video below, and then weigh it with your comments.
*So, I took a look around and came across this cover of the Ray Lamontagne song “Jolene.” Doesn’t scratch the original for me but you may feel differently

Jolene (cover)
Jolene (Original by Ray LaMontagne)
Whatever It Is

This exuberant singer-songwriter embodies quite a lot of trnends. She is Swedish but actually lives in New Orleans and her voice has that clear and cozy Scandinavian quality as well. This lass plays multiple instruments, like one-woman bands like Florence and the Machine, Kaki King and Emily Wells. Her songs are heartfelt and have a strong feminine viewpoint — and yes, they’ve been featured on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her quirkiness and eye for detail really stand stand out.

Birds Fly Away
Na Na Na

“California on My Mind,” which in my opinion is a good rock-and-roll sing along had enjoyed a good  use of obscenities and profanities, and hearing it outside of the Internet is severely limited. But who needs the radio? According to SPIN, Wild Light has already performed at the Hollywood Bowl with cult faves LCD Soundsystem and has a 29-city winter tour lined-up with indie rockers Tapes ‘N Tapes (at the El Rey on Jan. 24). “California on My Mind” is a pop anthem that’s hard to resist. It shares a kind of random frustration anyone can relate to, and the presence of a harmonica, a galloping piano and some scrappy vocals. Warning: Those who are severely attached to San Francisco should skip this and choose an equally good Surf Generation instead (over at their Myspace).

The next Duffy? Next Amy Winehouse? Nope, VV Brown has her own brand of POP that is surefire hit for 2009. This young British soul singer has the penchant for retro sounds is tipped by the British newspapers as the next big thing. Though Brown is a long way removed from the smokey nightclub vibe of Amy Winehouse or the torchy songs of Duffy, her amped dance floor track “Crying Blood” will leave you panting for more. Just check her debut single “Crying Blood,” an amped-up dance floor track where Brown shows off her spunk. A former session singer and songwriter — the Pussycat Dolls are among her credits — VV Brown is ready to seize the spotlight with her high-energy pop songs. Check out Crying Blood and Everybody over her Myspace page

Crying Blood (Hannah Holland Remix