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But alas! A person can never really master the art of goodbyes, but I’ll try to make this good, for 2008. The year brought a lot of fresh insight on the music industry. When we thought indie music couldn’t have propelled up higher in the charts, it unwavering strength with the masses rough it to it’s zenith (this year). We have had good and bad experiences from great artists, tracks we can’t help but adore and love.

Now I’m going to give you guys the best remix tracks of the year and the ones with photos are on the top of my list (in no particular order). I feel astonished that only a few people are fond of remixes, but hopefully with this, many people would appreciate and learn to love the delicacy and precision of our world’s most renowned remix artists. The newbies, the professionals, and those somewhere in between.

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Part 9

Joakim – Lonely Hearts (Loving Hand Remix)
Chad Van Gaalen – City of Electric Light
Coco Electrick – Sasparilla Kiss (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
Cut Copy – Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)
Cut Copy – So Haunted (Knightlife’s Sun-Soaked Reprise)

Hercules and Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

I heard from the grapevine that DFA delayed the release of ‘Blind’ just so Frankie Knuckles could come out of hospital and remix it. So, I think that Hercules’ mainman Andy Butler would approve. Knuckles’ “bongo-led” editing gets close to the disco-house nirvana they promised everyone, as the outrageous rhythm enriches to a stunning performance. Apparently debuted on New Year’s Eve, ‘Blind’ trails behind it the promise of a new start. Truly Inspiring.

Deerhunter – Octet (Simian Mobile Disco Rework)
Deerhunter – Saved by Old Times (Sessions Version)
The Presets – Kicking And Screaming (Bang Gang’s E Is For Edit)
The Virgins – Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)
Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Designer Drugs Remix)

M.I.A. – Paper Planes (DFA Remix) 

This is one dope remix by DFA, recreating a whole new creature of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes. M.I.A. comes with such a great remix from Paper Planes that will be included in the Slumdog Millionaire Original Soundtrack. The guitar used in the song gives a total new sound to the song. And no gunshots anymore *yipee! I was tired of any Paper Planes remixes but now I can’t stop listening to it.

Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Mr Vega Extended Remix)
Kanye West – Street Lights  (Max Justus Remix)
My Synthesizer Won’t Behave (The Fingermonsters Edit)
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – Feuerprobe (Rory Phillips Remix)
James Yuill – This Sweet Love (We Have Band Remix)

Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)

Now this is what you call cheek. Turning the Stones’ chant into a snarling electro monster, it transformed Mick Jagger into a dancefloor icon all over again. The Belgian boffin dominated 2008 with a series a quality mixes and their stunning tour film (will the DVD come out soon?) ‘Part Of The Weekend Never Dies’. You have to wonder what they’ve got up their sleeves for the next year.

Felix Da Housecat & Diddy – Jack U (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
Gay Dentists – JFK Edit
Geneva Jacuzzi – The Walk 2
Justin Timberlake – SexyBack (FreeForm Five Remix)
Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)

Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

Please allow me to say that Aeroplane is one of 2008’s remix rookies favored by numerous blogs. Though it started slow at the beginning of the year, this method not only solidified everyone’s fondness of them but also strengthened their newfound fans (need I say?) obsession.

I demand everyone agree: This is better than the original.

Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix)
Ladyhawke – Dusk till dawn (Pablo Decoder Remix)
Late Of Piers – The Bears Are Coming (Emperor Machine Remix)
Late of the Pier – The Bears Are Coming (Metronomy Remix)

Goldfrapp – A and E (Gui Boratto Remix)

I still remember the day I found this track. March 26, 2008 while I was surfing Hypem under a friend’s recommendation. In hopes of finding something glum and sullen to match my mood, Gui Boratto’s remix of Goldfrapp’s A and E was there to comfort me through my pain. The combination of the distorted bass and Alison Goldfrapp’s voice was the perfect landscape for the scenes the track painted.

Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)
MGMT – Of Birds, Moons & Monsters (Modernaire Remix)
The Black Ghosts- Repitition Kills You (RAC Remix)
LexiCon Don – Nothings on the TV (Turn the Radio On)
La Roux – Quicksand (Beni Bennassi Remix)

Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

Nevertheless, Fred Falke released his masterpiece earlier in the year: a remix of Whitest Boy Alive that lulled my summer and of which I haven’t grown tired of until now. Oh God, knowing that Fred Falke chose to make a masterpiece out of underwhelmed tracks makes it all the more adorable. Though more fitting for a peppy atmosphere, this track belongs to this list not only because of its credible sustenance through the month (well, for me) but also the emotion it buoys from the depths of my heart.

Noonday Underground – The Light Brigade (Cut Copy Mix)
Panda Bear – I’m Not (Phaseone Remix)
Paper Route Gangstaz – Bama Gettin’ Money (Diplo Remix)
Totally Michael – Winona (Miami Horror Remix)
Metronomy – Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)

The B-52’s – Funplex (Scissor Sisters Withches At The Wet Seal Instrumental)

Well, we all know how Oasis abhors Scissor Sisters, calling them the trash of the music industry. But that didn’t keep them from making tres magnifique happen. Although this isn’t entirely confirmed (I just read it from a gossip column ) it was reported that the Scissor Sisters carved themselves from the B-52 cookie cutter. I know, right? Who cares? what matters most is the flawless job done by this group and the furiously fun track provided by the B-52’s.

Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode Mix)
Royksopp – What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix)
Does It Offend You Yeah? – We Are Rockstars (Bloc Party Remix)
Jamie Lidell – Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr. Oizo Mix)
The Whip – Frustration (Van She Remix)

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Reconstruction)

Duke Dumont Reconstruction’s re-do of this track is like a quest for salvation. Listening to this track, I imagined being in a Sin City inspired setting, (dark, brooding and sullen). I really hate writing another story when describing the epic/amazing/wonder that is Two Doors down from Mystery Jets. You gotta hear it for yourself.

Sidechains – Dance While You Can (Barcelona Remix)
Sisters Of Transistors – The Don (Hot Chip Remix)
Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Shazam Remix)
The Death Set – Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix)
The Notwist – Boneless (Panda Bear Remix)

Dragonette – I Get Around (Ratcliffe Remix)

If a track belongs to a best remixes list, then one of the reasons why its listed is because of its constant spinning on my player — NOT. Okay, maybe more than usual, Ratcliffe’s remix of Dragonette’s I Get Around. I must admit it being played more than the usual, but the count isn’t as anywhere near as Digitalism’s or Hercules and Love Affair’s. Well, the music is nothing like you would easily get accustomed to. Every single time I play this track, there’s something new that I noticed about it. The song morphs according to your mood, offering you something to think about once the music fades.. It’s undeniably fresh and, believe me, you wouldn’t go wrong with some of this.

The Pixies – Hey (Diplo’s Devil Remix)
Kings Of Leon – Knocked Up (Lykke Li vs. Rodeo Remix)
Britney Spears VS Department of Eagles – No One Womanizes Like You  (The Hood Internet Mash Up)
Symbolone – Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
Leon Jean Marie – You Must Know (James Pants Inst.)

M83 – Kim and Jessie (Montag Remix)

I don’t need to elaborate this. M83 is probably one of this year’s best artists and album. M83 will always be the star of their tracks, remix or not. But the littlest details provided by Montag (synth, swirls and the cosmic), the bass and 60’s feel cultivated the subtle after feel of Kim and Jessie.

Poni Hoax – Hypercommunication (Joakim S Cartoon Muscles Remix)
J.Viewz – Smooth Criminal (Bugz In The Attic Vocal Mix)
The Concretes – Keep Yours (Pacific Remix)
Masta Ace – Sittin On Chromo (Mr Flash Sittin On Cr02 Remix)
Ladytron – Runaway (Ashtar Command Remix)

Digitalism – Echoes (Siriusmo Remix)

Simplicity is Key — was the theme for this edit from Digitalism. Echoes was a bit messy, but somehow, Siriusmo cleaned it in a a way very appealing to many. Siriusmo did a few scrubs here and there, applies a bottle of Clorox and dipped it in fridge-cold water resulting to a smooth and effectively simple remix (but amazing nonetheless).

Kelpe – Bread Machine Bred (Zombie Zombie Remix)
Royksopp – Remind Me (Ernest St. Laurent Moonfish Mix)
Bag Raiders – Turbo Love
Rejected – Let’s Go Juno (Harvard Bass More Chords Edit)
Justice – Genesis (Datsu Remix)

Studio – West Side (Klumpfisk remix)

Who would’ve known that these Swedish wa-il / nobody Klumpfish have great potential? And even more, they are in many best of the year’s remix lists. And wait, there’s more: This is the first remix they made (WTH?!) It’s the tracks’s orgasmic high that leaves you wanting for more. When you get to that point, tell me, and we’ll compare notes.

The Whip – Fire (Del Strange Mix)
MGMT – Of Moons, Birds & Monsters (Holy Ghost! Remix)
Jamie Lidell – Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr. Oizo Mix)
Does It Offend You Yeah – We Are Rockstars (Bloc Party Remix)
Asobi Seksu – Strawberries (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)

Needless to say, this mix is one of the best dance mix I’ve heard all year — save for a few ones. But it still floors me when I listen to it. Will Soulwax ever fail me? Will they?

Ratatat – Shempi (Zongamin Remix)
Symbolone – Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)
Estelle – Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) (Count Of Monte Cristal and Sinden Remix)
Sidechains – Dance While You Can (Barcelona)
Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir (2 Rounded remix)

Ladyhawke – Dusk till dawn (Pablo Decoder Remix)

This is probably ranks last on my top tracks for this year. Buffetlibre’s promotion on Project Batidora is a real help for those underdog remixers, and Pablo Decoder’s lays a good foundation for a hopefully fruitful career ahead of him. This remix does Ladyhawke’s Dusk Til Dawn right.

Royksopp – What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix)
Liquid Liquid – Optimo (An Optimo (Espacio) Mix)
Punks Jump Up – Dance to our disco (Baseball Furies remix)
Christian Falk – Dream On (ft. Robyn) (Warren Clarke Edit)
The Ting Tings – Be The One (Japanese Popstars Remix)

MGMT – Electic Feel (Justice Remix) (DDPesh’s Rework)

Nasty feel was one of those songs that defined 2008 for me. The Justice remix was deserving of this list on its own; however, DDPesh’s edit featuring Biggie’s legendary Nasty Girl is a track that anyone can love. Dropping it gets everyone moving. While the recipe is simple: take one of the hottest songs of the year, Electric Feel, that was remixed by one of the hottest DJ duos of the year, Justice, and add epic lyrics of arguably the best rapper of all time; it is the execution that makes it spectacular. This song gives me shivers, it makes me dance, and the lyrics have been in my head for over a decade!

Pivot – In The Blood (Rustie Remix)
Metronomy – Heartbreaker (Diskjokke Remix)
Ladyhawke – Dusk till dawn (Pablo Decoder Remix)
Dolle Jolle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje’s Extra Doll Mix)
Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode Mix)

Santogold – Lights Out (TEPR Club Remix)

This track is nothing like any TEPR Club remix. This was hands down one of the most banging tracks to hear in a club all year. I was with a few of my cousins at Gensan, and who would’ve know that in the rural area that is Gensan, the disco clubs have heard the power brought by a TEPR club remix! Quite possibly one of the most infective songs to come out in the last 365 days—it has been stuck in my head on many occasions, it spread like wildfire through the blogosphere and rightfully so!


Moby – Ooh Yeah (D. Ramirez Haunted Playground Remix)
Montanas & Dj Roland Clark – Music Talking (Fred Falke Remix)
Poney Poney – Junior (Chateau Marmont Remix)
Robyn – Cobrastyle (Mason Vocal Mix)