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If you haven’t heard, Sia Isobelle Kate Furler or ‘Sia’ has an upcoming album called We Are Born to be released on 2010 and will be working with Christina Aguilera. You might also find her voice familiar, as she was featured in the new 2010 Lincoln MKT commercial. Also recently, after watching Annie, Sia decided to open up her laptop, load up music program garageband and sang her own version of the track Tomorrow from the classic musical. And I just had to say, thes covers holds promising for the new album.

:: Sia – Under the Milky Way (The Church cover)

:: Sia – Tommorow (Annie Cover)

Despite the call of the season, it’s steamy hot here in Southeast Asia and this track is just apt for the weather.

:: Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer

Just because they’re awesome and hail from Cincinnati and make real awesome electronic music and happen to be a duo.

:: You, You’re Boring – I’m Deaf and You’re Boring