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It’s the Lord of the Flies all over again.

I’m going to be honest. I heard of I Blame Coco only recently, upon the recommendation of a friend. After digging up on her, I reckon partial of I Blame Coco’s talent is influenced by the genes and her circle of friends. Not only is the group’s lead singer, Coco Sumner (not her real name), currently Pete Doherty’s “lady friend” but she is the also daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. I Blame Coco fuses reggae with husky  and Nico-esque vocals. I Blame Coco is a quintet composed of Coco in the vocals and guitar, Luca in synth and guitar, daisy at the keyboards and backing vocals, Warren in the drums and Craig in the bass. Below is a video of her track, Caesar with a cameo from Robyn. Further down the post are the rest of I Blame Coco’s fresh-fresh-fresh tracks and Caesar remixes from Miike Snow and Diplo. Something good and new to listen to.

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn – Caesar

I BLÅME COCO | MySpace Music Videos

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I Blame Coco: Caesar feat. Robyn (Diplo Remix)
I Blame Coco: Caesar feat. Robyn (Miike Snow Remix)
I Blame Coco : I Blame Coco
I Blame Coco : Bohemian Love
I Blame Coco : Control
I Blame Coco : Never Be