Heard this track last night over at GvsB but unfortunately didn’t get to have an official download of Joanna Newsom‘s Kingfisher, a lengthy 9-minute track. But thanks to the awesome man from Largehearted Boy, you can download the track! Still off her new album, Have One On Me, from Drag City.

Check out the tracklist of the album inside the post:

Joanna Newsom Kingfisher

Have One On Me tracklist:

Easy 6:04
Have One On Me 11:02
’81 3:52
Good Intentions Paving Company 7:02
No Provenance 6:25
Baby Birch 9:30
On A Good Day 1:49
You and Me, Bess 7:13
In California 8:42
Jackrabbits 4:23
Go Long 8:03
Occident 5:31
Soft As Chalk 6:29
Esme 7:56
Autumn 8:02
Ribbon Bows 6:11
Kingfisher 9:11
Does Not Suffice 6:45