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The last news I received from Brandon Flowers of the internationally popular band The Killers going solo was from Stereogum on somethime last April. And now, from WAWS, news of his album and a new track as well. His first debut album entitled Flamingo will be released sometime in the future (sounds vague, though, right?). Brandon Flowers’ first track after going solo is ‘Crossfire‘ and 109.1 RXP was the first to get their hands on it. I still am not sure but they must’ve played the track as a leak.

The song began well, slowly building up to a good chorus. But then again, if Brandon Flowers was aiming for a radio hit, I doubt if he’ll get it with this track. It doesn’t sound awful, but certainly a bit mediocre compared to those coming from Hot Fuss and Day & Age.

Listen in for Crossfire below. Credits to WAWS for the track.

Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

Brandon FLowers’ website