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So far, I’ve been loving Arcade Fire‘s new album The Suburbs, especially the title track The Suburbs. There were mixed reviews of The Suburbs track, and same goes for Month of May but I am drop dead, head-over feet, smitten with their new album. I wasn’t able to properly give a review to their track The Suburbs though, but all I can say is that its muy perfecto. Although I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve heard their music about 2 years ago and have not seen them live (since I am obviously halfway around the world), I definitely am a big time fan of the group. Long road trips with my family with Arcade Fire in the background always rouses candid and stimulating conversations. I’ve had good memories with their music playing in the background and I think this may have been a factor as to why I love this group so much. Anyhow, back to the review.

Ready to Start is definitely a fun in a bob-your-head and blast-off kinda way. While I was listening to the song I literally had done a bit of those moves in Breakfast Club when they were all dancing and Blender was really getting his groove on and all. Okay, not a pretty picture but you get the point. Not too hyped up but easy to groove to. We Used to Wait stimulates the listener with the affable piano played throughout the whole track. I’m pretty sure that piano tune is evocative of their Dark Was the Night track, Lenin. You think so too, do you?

The Arcade Fire- Ready To Start
The Arcade Fire- We Used To Wait

Here is also the confirmed tracklisting for Arcade Fire’s new album The Suburbs is confirmed and we thought you might like to have a look.

01 The Suburbs
02 Ready To Start
03 Modern Man
04 Rococo
05 E mpty Room
06 City With No Children
07 Half Light I
08 Half Light II (No Celebration)
09 Suburban War
10 Month Of May
11 Wasted Hours
12 Deep Blue
13 We Used To Wait
14 Sprawl I (Flatland)
15 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16 The Suburbs (Continued)

The Suburbs is out August 2nd in the UK and August 3rd in the US and Canada. Buy their album at Insound

Myspace and their website.