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Love Cass Bird.

Well the first trailer for Sofia Coppola‘s new film, Somewhere is out. For me, any new work from the director of The Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation is a cause for excitement and celebration, but for the general population of music lovers, there’s that extra sweet trimming worth waiting for. If you haven’t heard the news, buzz band Phoenix will be doing the score/soundtrack for the film, obviously because they are out-of-this world awesome, but also seemingly because lead singer Thomas Mars is Ms. Coppola’s baby daddy and hubby. Watch the trailer below:

The song you hear playing over the wistfully-bathed trailer is Julian Casablancas’ solo, bare and raw ‘You Only Live Once’ demo version of The Strokes‘ track “I’ll Try Anything Once.” The stripped down version of The Strokes’ song is fit like a glove for Somewhere’s trailer. And now, I am inevitably stoked to see what Phoenix has in store for the OST/score of the Somewhere.

I just recently discovered that for Sofia Coppola’s 1999 debut feature film, The Virgin Suicides, she had another French band, Air, to score do the film’s score. The movie, which is layered with specks of young, desperate love made great canvas for Air’s eerie and aphrodisiacal music. Air’s astoundingly beautiful work befits both as a score to the film and as a stand-alone album. Hopefully this post will be a fairly adequate to translate how hopeful I am that Phoenix’s work for Ms. Coppola’s new film track will equate or even better her previous film scores. Check them out below.

Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once (You Only Live Once Demo Version) (From Somewhere Trailer)
Air – Playground Love (From The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack)
Air – Alone in Kyoto (From Lost In Translation Soundtrack)
Phoenix – Too Young (From Lost In Translation Soundtrack)
♫ Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset (From Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix)