This is really random. The xx doesn’t deserve this sort of randomness but I’m listening to VCR and its just too awesome so I’m posting them again 🙂

♫ The xx – VCR

What I’m liking now:
T.V. show – Skins, True Blood, United States of Tara, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory
Book – I’m a fan of fiction but I’m warming up to non fiction now. And magazines.
Color – Yellow (yes hepatitis but its perky)
Actor – Matt Damon. So far I’ve liked most of his work and haven’t found anything he starred him which I particularly despised. And I just saw The Bourne trilogy.
Actress – I’m not a fan of this show, but Emily from The CW’s Pretty Little Liars is gorgeous.
Ice cream flavor – vanilla; peppermint; triple chocolate
Drink – mojitos; coffee milkshake; tea
Animal – gazelle, narwhal (which is a cross of a seal and a unicorn)
Band/Group/Artist– this week, Breakbot and Air
Food – homemade chili cheese fries
Girl name – Marcheline, Robyn, Lillian
Boy name – Wmmfre (pronounced as Humphrey), Parker, Baxter