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♫ Beth Rowley – You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger
♫ Bubbles – Bidibodi Bidibu
♫ Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck – Heaven Can Wait
♫ Chief – Breaking Walls
♫ The xx – Basic Space
♫ DOM – Burn Bridges

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♫ Atlantic Line – Voyage Home
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“As a band pushing the envelope of sound and scene, challenges for Atlantic Line range from fitting on a stage to setting off a club’s fire alarm with their fog machine. The sum of the whole becomes a sneak attack on your subconscious. Whether it’s an 11 minute epic journey called The Voyage Home or the speeding anthem of Big Brother, Atlantic Line’s tunes will incite drug like visuals into your daydream before you can realize what’s happening.

This eight-track debut from Atlantic Line is a dream. Atlantic Line is a group for those music fans of Sigur Ros, Flaming Lips, Muse, Thom Yorke, and Pink Floyd. Atlantic Line has been generous enough to share their freshman album, “Exit to Intro” free for Thieves By Tuesday* readers! Theirs clearly resonates in the listener’s ear as that aural pleasure anyone would want to play for hours. Check ’em out!