Danielle / Danz, or in this case Computer Magic created this solo project a few months ago in between school, DJing, blogging and graphic designing. The ethereal and whimsy found in her bedroom electronic pop music is the kind of thing you’d most probably hear from Sofia Coppolla films or those coming-of-age films circa Breakfast Club days. Her track “Teenage Ballad“, which is my favorite of all her songs, sends off a message that if I were given the benefit of the doubt, tells a piece of her life (albeit the song being inspired by the movie The Graduate). “Electronic Fences” was inspired by Philip K. Dick’ Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? novel. In the melody of the arpeggiated keys of the piano you can hear children’s voices playing in the background. “On VHS” is a track that brings you to tropical scenes while her demo “And Lastly the Kids are Growing Up” features her lazy summer voice paired with a repeating drum beat and organ tune. Once you bring your attention to this talent of hers, you’d really see her going far. Here are her tracks below plus a new one, “Hiding from Our Time“.

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Computer Magic – And Lastly The Kids Are Growing Up
Computer Magic – On VHS
Computer Magic – Electronic Fences
♫ Computer Magic – Hiding From Our Time
Computer Magic – Teenage Ballad (High School)