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This video was made as a response to the G20 Summit in Toronto June, 2010.
The rest speaks for itself.
It was sent to us by a lover of our music who wants to remain anonymous.
We are very proud to share this mash-up with you.

Broken Social Scene

Great work. This is not stealing. This is manipulating works of others and turning it to something unique and different. And in response to the theme (or what I reckon seems to be one of the major themes), I really do think there are advantages to a semi-communism form of government. If you haven’t noticed, the margin between the rich and poor social classes is has sky rocketed and I don’t think those demoralized moguls are planning to stop anytime soon. Capitalism can be a bitch – inequality and monopoly. Living in a materialistic society where success is defined by how much you can accumulate before you die, I find this generalized belief hard to swallow.