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I know there are a lot of times I may not be a woman of my word, but today I just want to share . There’s this new ‘Teenage Dream‘ song I’ve heard from Katy Perry. The song stays true to its title with Katy singing in falsetto. She croons innocently about her true love and ‘Valentine’ who makes her feel young again. She sounds like she’s ready to take that relationship further.

This one I am certain you will love to bits. There is something about Posner and his musical competence that plain and simply appeals. And for real, with his talent he will surely go places. A few months since graduating from Duke University and beginning his full-on pursuit for his music career, by February 2010 he had released his single ‘Cooler Than Me’ which hardly loses momentum if not dominates the radio and charts for months. This new one from him makes this frat boy’s turn from the kegger to the stage hard to ignore.

Your songs remind me of swimming,
Which I forgot when I started to sink
Drank further away from the shore,
And deeper into the drink.

Sat on the bottom of the ocean,
A stern and stubborn rock
Cos your songs remind me of swimming,
But somehow I forgot…

This one woman-band just made my day with this song. I listen to her cover of Beirut’s ‘Postcards from Italy’ and am reminded by the raw emotion of her voice. This song gives me a mental image of people who, with all the craziness around, lose track of what is important. They keep themselves busy trying to make ends meet, and somehow along the way, when they look at their faces in the mirror, they see a different person. This is probably one of the sad realities of life. I’m not saying it’s inevitable, but at one point of our life we go through this phase. Some get caught up in, stagnant while others shake themselves up in that rut and dare to be.

* Nothing La Roux-related in the post, sorry to disappoint. I just love that line from her song too much I had to have it for a title. Below are more stuff from Kaskade, Michelle Branch and a collab of Enrique Iglesias and Lil Wayne. I’d love to talk some more but I’m way behind my work. Gotta bounce. Until the next post. 🙂

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
♫ Michelle Branch – Crazy Ride
Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
♫ Enrique Iglesias – Push (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
Florence and The Machine – Swimming
Kaskade – Fire In Your New Shoes (Extended Mix) (feat. Dragonette)