The Man behind Dominant Legs.

I’m quite adamant in saying this but Dominant Legs is new to me. Clawing Out at The Walls has been playing in constant repeat in my head for the past week but I’ve only heard of them almost a month ago. If you didn’t get a wind of these guys, I suggest you do now or you’ll pass something amazing.

The man pictured above is San Franciscan native Ryan Lynch, the one primarily behind Dominant Legs. As the name implies, dominant leg pertains to finding that “unnatural strength” in one leg over the other. Ryan Lynch drops some lines in appreciation to slender, sexy gams in his songs and he seems thoroughly contented with his word.  Although some interviews connote that Dominant Legs is Lynch’s solo project, wherein he sings, plays guitar (acoustic and non), synthesizer and drum machines, he does have a companion – Hannah Hunt(like him, from the SF band Girls). Is it just me or did the “duo” concept appealed to a lot of artists? It started with Ike and Tina, Moldy Peaches and a few more.

On first listen, anyone would be impressed with their sound. The songs are honest with a production eliciting haunting yet lush images in your head. Dominant Legs’ creativity shines with their different percussions like the handdrums, brass sounds and that echoing falsetto. Other than the dance, folk and rock genre’s touched by their music, there are some ingeneous additions like hand-claps and jazz.

Below featured are their A class tracks, “Just Silly Ones,” “Young at Love and Life,” “Clawing Out At The Walls,” and “About My Girls.” With Dominant Legs,the emotion goes full stream and is at its best when embraced willfully. It’s sentimental, nostalgic and genuine. With the talent these two are showing us, you’d definitely hear more of them sooner than you think.

Purchase their CD Young At Love And Life here.

Opening for Girls on these dates:

11/21 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill
12/04 – San Diego, CA @ Loft
12/05 – Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
12/06 – San Barbara, CA @ Muddy Waters

Dominant Legs – Just Silly Ones
Dominant Legs – Young At Love and Life
Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at The Walls
♫ Dominant Legs – About My Girls

And since I feel necessitated to provide other forms of multimedia here TBT, here’s a Youtube video of “Just Silly Ones,” giving us a peek of his music and some of his odd haircuts in the past.