Florrie Arnold originally from Bristol, UK, is a drummer, singer and songwriter. The emerging British pop sensation has been making the right moves in her infiltration of the music scene playing some premium pop as the drummer in Xenomania house band JFK, and also performed drums on Girls Aloud’s “The Promise.”

Florrie, who still is 21 years young, released free downloads of her music track in her site, along with a Fred Falke remix of her song “Call 911”. Since that time, Florrie released several remixes of her songs “Call 911” and “Panic Attack” which you can preview and download (in varied formats) in her site.

After teasing us with multiple remixes of “Panic Attack” and “Call 911,” here are new remixes from Fred Falk and Mogwai of her tracks “Fascinate Me” and “Come Back To Mine,” which will be included in her upcoming album. With spreading the free-for-all sensational pop music from Florrie, I’m expecting to hear a lot more buzz from this Bristolian talent.

Florrie – Give Me Your Love
Florrie – You Wanna Start Something
Florrie – Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)
Florrie – Come Back to Mine (Jaxon Remix)
♫ Florrie – Fascinate Me (feat. Fred Falke)
♫ Florrie – Come Back To Mine (feat. Moguai)