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We are about to have our Sportsfest here in my university and due to my unfortunate incapability to play any sport without putting myself in hazardous condition I am left useless and thus, a propsman for dancing competitions. Well, I used to do volleyball/baseball competitions but shit, I couldn’t keep up with my schedule so, here I am. Anyway, to cope up with ALL THIS FREE TIME, I had this little idea of putting some indie tracks up against new rhythm and blues/rap tracks that are hits in local and national radio stations… Let us see who wins!

In the red corner…
Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
Lo-Fi Fnk – Sleepless
Iron & Wine – Love and Some Verses
The Weepies – The World Spins Madly On

In the blue corner…
Drake – Miss Me (Dirty) feat. Lil Wayne
Alicia Keys – Unthinkable
Usher – There Goes My Baby
Ciara – Ride feat. Ludacris

Round 1: Junior Senior brings the house down with the upbeat Move your feet, despite the menagerie of hoots to Drake’s Miss Me. Lil Wayne couldn’t even help. Indie wins this round!
Round 2: Lo-Fi-Fnk turns some Sleepless trumpets on to taunt the opponent but Alicia Key’s makes an Unthinkable blow with some sultry notes. Round 2 goes to RNB!
Round 3: Iron & Wine makes some stable hits with their romantic Love and Some Verses. Usher tried to make a difference with his oiled abs and some crooning/moaning singing (?) but it can’t be helped. Indie wins this by a close call (unfathomable)!
Round 4: The Weepies’ hit The World Spins Madly On is a no-brainer for the judges – Ciara and Ludacris’ Ride lies in the mud with her half shaved head facing up (haha).

Daft Punk closes the competition with some trigger happy tunes:
Daft Punk – Digital Love


INDIE WINS FOLKS. (This is how thing would go in MY WORLD. And I don’t hate Ciara, but dissing her can be fun, don’t you agree? Plus I love RnB, don’t get me wrong.)