I’ve always had the biggest love for his work as Final Fantasy. The great form he has with his interaction with the violin is a pretty good combination. Though it seemed like eons ago since he announced his work being renamed to simply, Owen Pallett (yes, it was last December 2009), but when he said of this change with the new name, also came new sound. In Final Fantasy his music came from the works of his hands with the violin. In his new album, Heartland, more electronics and a fuller sound.

Shame how he’s going to referred to now as Owen Pallett. I’ve always thought Final Fantasy added pizzaz to his music. But music and art is fickle, so it will always evolve. At least some great tunes will always be expected from him.

Owen Pallett – A Man With No Ankles by Thieves By Tuesday

“A Man With No Ankles” – Owen Pallett