Jamie Smith at the Music Hall in Williamsburg

By Jake Moore

Jamie Smith, who belongs to the Baclaycard Mercury Prize winner The xx goes solo to release ‘Far Nearer‘ soon.

What I think about them: When I listen to their album, I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting someone to kiss me. Yeah, too personal, but the mood of the album creating clarity in a situation milled with sexual tension. Some people might not get the band, confused with their labels like electronic, post-punk. Well, labels can be such a piss sometimes. How about calling them a supermodern Portishead?

What’s new: The band, who won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize earlier this month for their debut, ‘xx’, and  Smith’s ‘Far Nearer‘, his new single, is set to hit UK radio tonight (September 28). The song, according to UK radio stations, will be released sooner.

It’s a tune I made on one of our short breaks from touring and I was eager to make some new music,” he explained. “I got a steel pan and made this track and it is coming out on Numbers Records in about a month or so.”

This piece of news, despite not what I really want from one of the band’s members (NEW ALBUM please), it certainly entertains.

The xx – Heart Skipped A Beat
The xx – VCR
The xx – Crystalised
The xx – Islands