Bon Iver – Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)

When I talk about Justin Vernon, I always take a pause before speaking because words cannot express how grateful I am. How so, you say? Justin Vernon’s work conscience is just impeccable. Though he may not have given a proper follow-up to For Emma, Forever Ago, but in the last two years he has put out an EP, two albums (Unmap with Volcano Choir, Relayted with GAYNGS) and a couple of compilations. Yes I also have heard of his collab with Kanye West, despite my lack of knowledge on the specific details. There’s no announcement of a second album, but Bon Iver, 3 months ago, has most recently contributed to a tribute to John Prine, in the compilation Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows: The Songs of John Prine. Listen to the track above.