Sigur Rós was a random name until the last 2 years.  I kept hearing from the mouths of my fellow music mavens. Yes admittedly I denied myself (and my curiosity) the talent of the famed group Sigur Rós. I’ve fallen prey to the ‘first impression syndrome’ because the name hardly sounds enticing to me. All it took for me was a 2006 movie starring si James McAvoy  to fully appreciate the glorious music of Sigur Rós, wherein his song Hoppipolla streamed as the movie comes to a close. Now, I’ve reconciled within myself never to judge a group’s music without hearing music. And assuming the music quality solely based on names is the biggest injustice to any musician, don’t you agree? If that were the norm, then artists like Spoon and She and Him will be literally unheard of.

Here’s another one of the overlooked tracks (and a favorite), Svefn-G-Englar from Ágætis Byrjun. The lush electronic warmth that never suffocates wants you to wish the holidays were nearer.

Sigur Rós – Svefn-G-Englar