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I paid attention to The National on the early half of 2007. What a treat was that year, musically speaking. Their album, Boxer, came out that year and introduced me to really good alternative rock. And I didn’t like their music because it was all the rage, but it really was great music. Their sound is unique and feel good. And I believe the universe conspired to get me to have a first listen of the group from the best album they ever had (up until now in my opinion). Boxer really was good, and the song Fake Empire was epic. I won’t post the song cause I think literally any true blue music fan will have come across that song way back. Here’s 3 tracks from them ‘m sure you like, the dreamy Lemonworld from their self titled debut released by Brassland Records in 2001, the romantic Start A War still from Boxer, released last May 2007 and the melancholic So Far Around The Bend from the collaborative effort of artists, the album Dark Was The Night. Oh wait, I also tossed in the collaboration with St. Vincent, Sleep All Summer. Now it’s your time to share – do you have a favorite band/artist that gets BETTER WITH TIME? Leave the names in the comments, I’ll make sure to share them if I too find them aging like wine.

The National – Start A War

The National – Lemonworld

The National – So Far Around The Bend

The National feat St. Vincent – Sleep All Summer