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Or How I Show My Gratitude To The Multitude Of People Who Follow This Blog

Geof Kern

Great music (and your messages) make me want to grab an umbrella and do it Marry Poppins style.


Back in 2008 to 2009 when I have but little experience with blogging, listening to music and the science of uploading music altogether, I started this blog on the Blogger platform (since it was so hot that time). Named it “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” at first from a Rufus Wainwright song the to “Cosmic Bean” and then settled with this (cause i like the shortcut TBT*). You think, “Why is this woman talking about the history of the blog, we want music damn it!”. Sorry but I’m running this show so stay or go. Going back to May 2008, the time I started this blog I think of all the nights I stayed up trying to comprehend how to make links, creating banners for the blog and all that incomprehensible stuff you give a website/blog developer.

But slowly, after joining elbo.ws my eyes opened up to the wonderful world of indie music. Before, the only indie artists I knew was Tracy Chapman and Imogen Heap, and they weren’t even under the indie genre then. Then I made friends with fellow bloggers who were kind enough to help me out and learn the ways of the music blogger. THEN after that YOU. It’s amazing how music connects people. From all walks of life. I’m always taken aback when someone tells me they like a certain song I posted that I used to have no other person to share it’s greatness with. Those moments always get me. Yes, all of you people, faceless, mostly nameless people who visit my blog despite the lack of updates. So I hope you hang on. Cause damn it, you know I’ll miss you all if you won’t be around when I’ll REALLY be back.  🙂

♫ Slow Hands by Interpol
♫ Infinity Hands by Sleigh Bells
♫ Tiger (feat Aku) by Maximum Balloon
♫ The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth by Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah
♫ Ce Jeu by Yelle
♫ Dorothy by SoShy
♫ Come To Me by Koop
♫ Jakey Ryan by Summer Camp
♫ About A Girl (Nirvana cover) by Cibo Matto
♫ Rebel Rebel (feat. Grace Nocturnal) by Tegan and Sara
♫ Concrete Sounds by Pinback
♫ 1995 by The Radio Department